Rock Climbing

First let me begin by saying "More is Coming" this is supposed to be more of a guide than a promotion. That said until I get the guide finished, allow me to promote Rock Climbing for a minute.

Rock Climbing is a truly fun sport. Its relatively easy to get into and you can experience the sport in safe controlled environments while still having a blast and not spending loads of money. Don't hold me to this but Rock Climbing at its most basic level might be one of the cheapest adventure sports to get involved in.

Lets talk concerns:

  1. I don't have good upper body strength! Good news you wont need it, rock climbing is all about using the right muscles and not relying on your arms to do all the pulling. Great rock climbers build a strong core and use leverage to go to great heights, literally! Usually after a few hours of rock climbing its my abs and legs that feel it the most, my arms get tired too but more from bad technique than they really should!
  2. I'm scared of falling! Safe rock climbers shouldn't fear this, yes there are places people climb that their is a higher risk of injury; but if you stick to a gym or top roped outdoor routes, its really very safe. The great thing about rock climbing (versus free climbing) is you are always on a rope with someone watching intently to belay you (stop the rope form sliding, thus stopping your fall) if you ever loose grip of the cliff! In fact the comfort of having that safety rope allows you to try climbs you would never try other wise. As long as you follow the basic safety precautions rock climbing is very safe.

Why you should try it:

  1. It really is great fun!
  2. Its a team sport, so its a great way to meet new people, connect with friends, and get a little socializing with your adventuring.
  3. Its challenging, yes it can be physically challenging, I have literally seen people climb across the ceiling! Its also mentally challenging, you have to strategize your course how you will use your legs and core to move up and reach the top before you run out of energy.
  4. Its encouraging, one of the great parts is your are not alone, your belay partner will be there the whole time to encourage you help you place that foot on a rock you cannot see, and be there belay you if you slip. When you reach the top, you also have a witness (that you made it) and a cheerleader rooting you on for the next climb! What can get better than that.
  5. Because you haven't before? Maybe that's a little weak but in all honesty, if you have never tried rock climbing before you should! A lot of places can get you on a wall for multiple climbs for 15$ I will note it gets significantly easier if you have rock climbing shoes on ;)

Ok so not a guide by any means, but I do hope you will try rock climbing out. If you do try it out leave an encouraging comment about your experience for someone else who may be curious!