Scuba Diving

AOWC Advanced Open Water Certification

Its June and I head down to Pelham, AL for some extra diver certification. The planned courses include: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery, Underwater Navigation, Deep Dive, and Wreck Diving. Got the primary gear rented, studied up on the course work, and ready to practice the skills. The water is a comfortable 74deg on the surface and a chilly 54deg at 20m (65ft). Its a good day for diving!

Scuba diving, is a unique activity, it allows us to explore a part of our world otherwise inaccessible. A whole world exist under water full of aquatic life, in many locations you can see more species of animals and plants in 10 minutes under water than you can see in two hours at a zoo. There is also something surreal about being under water an observing the world without having to come up for a breath of air or blowing water out of your snorkel. I will make a point to say however, if scuba is not for you I highly recommend snorkeling you can see so much just from the surface of the water. If you have never tried scuba and its something that interest you, get out there and try it! It is actually one of the safest sports in the world and every dive is an experience of a lifetime!

I am including a few links that may help you find a place to dive near you or make a point to dive on a vacation, its an experience you wont regret!
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