Locked in a room with three close friends, the only way out is by finding the clues, you've got one hour or its game over! Can you Escape?

This was my first time experiencing an escape game. My wife and I went up to Nashville to meet up with some longtime friends Kelly and Bobby from Chattanooga. It was a surprise Birthday party for Bobby that included some laser tag, dinner at the Spaghetti Factory, people watching, and concluded at The Escape Game. This schedule made possible because the facility is open till 1am on the weekends!

There are Escape Game facilities all over the U.S. now, it seems to be the current trend, and after experiencing it for myself I can see why. While under other circumstances having to escape from a locked room would be frankly terrifying, in this game setting its a total rush! The rooms are setup so that a normal group of reasonable intelligence can escape within an hour. Some rooms have a higher difficulty rating for the more confident players. Kelly and Bobby had some prior experience with escape rooms, and my wife enjoys solving puzzles, which I must add provides a distinct advantage. While I was going in a little under advantaged, escape rooms are all about team work and that's something anyone can do!

We chose to do the "Classified!" game/room. In Classified your team is part of a international anti-terrorist organization, and are on a covert mission. Your objective is to stop a major international terrorist threat by gathering details on the impending attack. Once you have gathered all the clues you will have what you need to leave the room and stop the terrorist plot!

Finding all the clues is the fun and challenging part! Naturally I will not reveal any of the puzzles we faced in the room. However, I will say one of the really cool things I noticed is that a number of the puzzles and clues can be mixed or even be completely different between groups. So even if I told you what we found it probably wouldn't do you any good!

The staff at the location we visited in Nashville, was super friendly and the facility was simple but looked nice, the room was very ornate, every square inch fit into the theme of the game we were playing. Our friends said the room they had done at the same facility prior was equally decorated. The price will naturally vary by location, most facilities charge ~25 - 28$ per person, that's what we paid. This may seem a little expensive but definitely worth the costs, and when you see how much work they put into these rooms the price point makes sense.

Overall, The Escape Game is an experience I would recommend to anyone, it will test you, get you thinking out of the box, and make you want to come back for more!

Also, we Escaped, can you?

Also, we Escaped, can you?

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