Root Beer!

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Go North about twenty minutes from downtown Cincinnati Ohio, and amongst a variety of industrial businesses if you are lucky (or have GPS) you may just run across a one of a kind restaurant gem, The Root Beer Stand. I will be honest as a root beer lover when I discovered the existence of this place I knew I had to go. On arrival it was exactly what I was hoping for: a hole in the wall, one of a kind establishment, successful and going strong because of awesome food. I think a lot of travelers might just drive on past this place after seeing the classic 50's style building, looking like it hadn't been updated since it was built. However, that's exactly what I look for, and it almost always pays off. Walking up to the door one can see the the menu painted on a board above the  


Originally built as an A&W in 1957 the building has hardly changed at all since then and while I don't know what the food tasted like in 1957, I can say when I ate there it was rock solid goodness! There is just something tasty about the simplicity of a good burger or a chili-dog and a mug of cold root beer.

The Root Beer Stand is a reminder that just because its old and a little worn down doesn't mean it isn't awesome! If you happen to be in the area, and its not winter, I highly recommend checking this out!