Build Log Jun 20

So I haven't really made a post in a while and its not for lack of projects but rather too many projects I have not made time for posting! So In the interim I thought I would share some of what I have been up to. So expect to see some building guides and finished project posts in the near future!

The Garage Organization Project:
If you like to make stuff or adventure the great outdoors, you probably have a lot of stuff to store, at least I certainly do!  Often I think to myself I have too many hobbies / interest but I've yet to convince myself I should give any of them up and it seems like every few years I add something new to the list. As a bachelor this wasn't really a problem I had lots of space for all my 'adventure gear' to go and it didn't need to look pretty :D

Now a married man with the positive influence to actually really organize all that adventure gear and consolidate, I realized we were going to need some new shelving. One of the things I appreciate about Morgan is she gives me the freedom to really take my time and build quality and nice looking stuff around the house. She also is quick to offer her thoughts when I ask but leaves me to kinda figure out how I want to go about doing stuff. So for the garage I decided to take advantage of some essentially wasted floor space and build some permanent shelving.

Exterior Landscaping:

Morgan has shared in a few blog post about some stuff we have been doing around the yard and exterior of the house. While this hasn't required much in the way of building anything, we did make our own raised bed herb garden. It was a really fast and fun project and we were both happy with the results!

Laundry Room Upgrade:

Like many homes the laundry room often suffers with a lack of good storage space and finishing touches seen elsewhere in the home. Because our laundry room also co-serves as the pantry and garage entry, this space was in need of a major update. We installed a cabinet, a new shelf, and a hanging clothes rod! The project took a bit of planning and we are wrapping up some painting but its nearly finished! Allow me to note to any DIY'r for projects in spaces of necessity, if you cannot fully complete the project make sure you reach fully functional before you take an extended break. While the room may need a little paint nothing is inhibiting the use of this space.


As I eluded to in the garage organization post, I have been attempting to re-organize and reduce the amount of stuff I have. Its actually been really great because Ive been able to give away some of the stuff I haven't used in a couple years. As I go though everything Morgan has been making labels for each bin so I know exactly whats in it as well! Having everything labeled has already come in handy a number of times. I think once all is said and done I will end up with exactly what I need to keep and not have a bunch of stuff I will never use again taking up space.


So that's kinda what all I have been up to; its been a little bit here and there. Although a little crazy it is kinda of all happening synchronously out of necessity. Which means I will probably finish all the projects about the same time! One thing I can say is I am actually enjoying the diversity of projects because it keeps me excited to jump into them without reaching the exhaustion of 'when will this be over'.