How to Clean Your Fridge

I'm stopping in for a quick post and a tip that has been hugely helpful for me!

Back in February I really wanted to completely clean out my fridge/freezer, but without the pain I experienced in the past of getting water everywhere while cleaning the shelves. My kitchen sink is rather small and it was always a mess trying to get these things clean.

Well, I had an epiphany and told my husband to bring in 2 of my plastic bins. I washed them out with hot, soapy water and then I filled one with super hot, soapy water for washing the shelves and the other with plain, super hot water for rinsing.

I had my sweet, little assembly line going and just took each shelf one by one and washed it in the hot, soapy bin and then transferred to the hot bin and then wiped it down before putting it back.

I got rid of all the expired items and wiped down the inside of the refrigerator at the same time (with some Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner and a rag). I also bought some Fridge Coasters on sale and I have to say I love these things! I tossed those in before putting all the food back in and they are awesome. Not being paid, just like them. ;)

I can't believe I didn't think of this idea years ago. It saved me so much time and prevented so much water on my floor!

I like to clean out my fridge/freezer every month and doing it that often keeps it clean and makes the job easier than waiting a long time between cleanings. I have used this method since then and it is so much better than the old days of dripping water everywhere!

Next time I do this I'll have to get a before and after picture of the fridge! I didn't think to do that the past couple of times, but it's amazing what a difference a quick cleaning can make. :)

And in the case that you have a super nice, spacious kitchen sink and don't have this problem - you can just ignore this whole post, ;) haha.