What have I been up to recently? Well, I made a blackberry cobbler.

Edy's Vanilla Bean ice cream is fantastic.

I cleaned up the side of the fridge. It was accumulating too much stuff...

The fridge always has our meal plan for the week and my chore charts.

It rained the other day and I had left my raincoat at home so when I left work I got soaked.

I was honored when my Sister-in-Law asked me to make some cookies for a baby shower she was hosting. I had made some sugar cookies before Christmas so she asked me to make some of those and make them girly since her friend is having a baby girl.

This is what I ended up with:

I think they turned out pretty cute. :) It's a great recipe. The cookies are light and fluffy. They really taste more like shortbread or tea cakes rather than sugar cookies, which I like. I prefer a less sweet cookie and this recipe is perfect for that.

If you're interested, I used the sugar cookie recipe from the I Heart Naptime blog.

I went to Hobby Lobby recently and found this super cute apron, except the material it's made out of is awful so I didn't get it.

And I have been working on some fun labels for my homemade cleaners.

So that's it for now!