Laundry Room

Oh, the laundry room. I spend a lot of time doing laundry and I can say having a nice, organized space (even if it is small) helps immensely.

When I first bought my house here is how the laundry room looked:

Super blah and there aren't even any machines! Well, I got hardwood floors throughout the first floor (yay!!) and bought a washer and dryer, but it still wasn't very much to look at.

So beautiful, right?

Not so much. I love color and this blah room just wasn't working for me. This is the room I come into from the garage when I get home and I wanted a fun color on the wall so I painted! More specifically, I painted the walls Apple Green by Benjamin Moore.

You don't have Chipotle bags in your laundry room? Weird.

As you can see, I added a little plywood "shelf" that I painted white to try to keep the tops of the machines from scratching. I added some grippy shelf liner to keep the plywood in place and it works like a charm. It also helps stop the machines from moving while running, which is a great plus!

The pantry is a part of the laundry room (clearly).

So I am excited to share with you what James and I have been up to recently! To replace the wire shelving above the washer and dryer, we bought a cabinet and James has been busy installing it and making everything look pretty. I hope to have that all ready to share with you next week!