House Guests for the Weekend!

We had such a good New Years weekend with my good friend Lindsey and her boyfriend Dominic. They came to town for New Years weekend and it was so much fun.

On Saturday morning we had cinnamon rolls, bacon, fried eggs and tater tots. There was plenty of hot tea to go around too (James and I aren't coffee drinkers so we didn't think to have any on hand - doh!).

Breakfast is just amazing. I really enjoy breakfast food so much! I also had a lot of fun making these cinnamon rolls.

After we ate breakfast we went to the Space and Rocket Center. I work for NASA and both James and Dominic enjoy space-related stuff so we headed over there and spent several hours walking around and playing games there. They have a whole history of NASA, the shuttle program and a new section with future vehicles and missions. It's a really great museum.

We then were going to grab some lunch at a cute little sandwich shop in town, but it was closed! So we instead got some burritos. It was tasty. :)

With full tummies, we headed for the next spot on our list, Burritt on the Mountain. It's an amazing old mansion that just happens to be on a mountain (hence the name). I had never been before and had wanted to see it and it just so happens that Lindsey and Dominic enjoy historical sights too so we went for it! We got to go all through the old mansion and check it out. After the mansion, we walked through the other old homes on the grounds. They have about 6 homes on the grounds that were built in the 1800s and you can walk through them. It was a fun trip.

Upon completing our walk around the grounds, we headed home to rest a little before dinner. Then we got dressed up and headed back to out to have dinner at a nice restaurant in town. 

We finished the night off with some Just Dance and Mario on the Wii. It was such a fun time with friends!