Hi there! We're Morgan and James and we want to welcome you to our new blog! :)
To give you an idea of what we’ll be sharing here, let me start by saying that I (Morgan) am married to an amazing man named James – you’ll be hearing more about that later. I spend my days at NASA and my nights cooking/cleaning/the usual. I also do comedy improv with a local troupe in my town and I love playing Ultimate Frisbee. I love our home.

5 Facts about me:

* I love 70s/Disco/Funk music.
* I love dancing (note: I did not claim I was good at this ;))
* I really like rainy days
* One of my main hobbies is decorating my house - you'll be seeing lots of pictures relating to this one!
* I am vegetarian. It's not for the animals though so don't worry.

James is the more adventurous one. :) He loves snowboarding, rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, etc. He basically loves anything outdoors! He is also really interested in technology and building things. He impresses me every day!

I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but I can say that I am trying each day to live a life that glorifies God, blesses my husband and family and that is joyful.