New Years Day

I have so much to share with you all that I have had a hard time knowing even where to start with this blog! I thought I would just jump in with what we did last Friday.

1)      I had off work last Friday for New Years and that was awesome because we had friends come into town that day to spend the weekend with us so I had plenty of time to do last minute clean up, cook a nice dinner, bake some desserts and spend plenty of time with James. It was a really nice day!

I made my favorite strawberry pie for after dinner. I love this pie so much and it's pretty simple. I'll have to share the recipe on here soon.

2)      I am loving these cute coffee/hot chocolate/tea cups from Target. We went out Saturday morning to have a day out on the town exploring and I really wanted to bring some hot tea with me and this was perfect! Kept my tea warm for a good long time.

3)      We found this cute game recently. Well I guess it’s not exactly a game, but we played it like it was. It’s a box with questions inside that you ask each other called Table Topics. We really enjoyed it. We bought the “Date Night” version and “Family Dinner” version and played both with our guests on Friday night.



4)      Dinner was boeuf bourguignon, mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, yeast rolls and salad. I was so excited to have the day off to be able to cook everything. The bouef takes 3 – 3 ½ hours (including cook time) so it’s not really something I can do once I get home from work unless we want to eat at like 10 pm, haha. It’s a dish James really loves and that I really enjoy cooking so it was a good day.

I forgot to take a picture of dinner that night so just imagine the above with broccoli instead of skillet apples. :)

5)      After dinner we played Super Mario Bros, Just Dance 2016 and just hung around and talked. It was a lovely evening with friends.

And we all went to bed early and rested! So it was a very Happy New Year indeed. :)