Mother's Day Brunch

Prepare for a crazy long entry! :)

James and I love to celebrate our Mom's all year round, but especially on Mother's Day. This is the 2nd year that we have hosted a Mother's Day Brunch at our home for both our families to come hang out. I think it will be a family tradition!

I had so much fun getting ready for this brunch! One of the first things I did was pick a color scheme. I chose hot pink, orange, yellow and lime green.

Once I knew my color scheme I was able to think about flowers, banners, art and all that other fun stuff.

I found the most fantastic FREE Mother's Day Printables at Amanda's Parties to Go. They matched my color scheme perfectly and were so beautiful and modern. I printed out most of the pages there for banners/art/decor.

I also bought some coordinating papers at Hobby Lobby and made bunting out of them to hang in our dining room. I just love bunting!

For the table I kept things pretty simple. We used our everyday dishes and I put out napkins that matched the color scheme (I have a napkin obsession).

We set out place cards for each person. I find it easier to just assign seats so people can go ahead and have a seat when they get there rather than worry about if someone wanted that spot or who is sitting next to who. The package from Amanda's Parties to Go included place cards in it so that part was easy!

I love bright colors so this scene was such a happy one for me! We bought fresh flowers the day before the brunch at a local flower shop. The lady who owns it has been a friend of James' family for forever. She is always so super sweet and lets us pick whatever flowers we would like "a la carte" and then I arrange them at home. They are such great flowers and last longer than ones I used to buy at the grocery store.

I decorated the vases with papers from the package and with ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

For some extra color on the table, I bought 2 different fabric options from Joann's in my color scheme and sewed these little squares. It was a quick project for a pop of color on the table.

I bought 3 picture frames from Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off in hot pink, orange and lime green and I popped the menu in one, and some Mother's Day art in the other 2 as you can see in the middle of the table.

I'll get more into the food we served later, but we did make pink lemonade and limeade for our guests and so people could get refills without getting up, we placed 2 carafes on the table. For a little extra color (and so people would know what that pink stuff was ;)) I added a tag with the name and strung it on the carafe with coordinating ribbon.

This is everything set up the night before:

And the day of! Party time.

I wanted to make some sweet subway art to put in our gallery wall for Mother's Day so I whipped this up in Publisher and popped it in a frame.

If you search for "Quotes about moms" or "Mother's Day quotes", this is one of the top hits.

Now of course, brunch isn't brunch without food! Our menu was as follows:

  • Potato Basil Frittata
  • Hashbrowns
  • Bacon
  • Waffles
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Cheese Board
  • Funfetti Cake with Buttercream Frosting
  • Pink Lemonade and Limeade
  • Coffee

I love, yet can get a little anxious over making menus. :) I enjoy the process of picking out foods and deciding what we're going to cook, but I also want to make sure everyone will enjoy the meal. It's important to me that when loved ones come over, they can relax and enjoy a nice meal while they are there. Cooking for people is my love language for how I show love I think. :)

My handsome husband and I tag-teamed making the food. He is so helpful in the kitchen - I love him!

Here's the food table we prepared:

I made this ribbon bunting for the cake and I was super proud of it.

Speaking of cake, I found the recipe for this funfetti cake on Love and Olive Oil and it's delicious! SO moist and the funfetti really is fun... Instead of the buttercream she recommends, I made my favorite vanilla buttercream recipe. I'll have to share it on the blog one day.

For the cheese board we had brie, swiss and sharp cheddar cheese. We also made Ina Garten's Parmesan and Thyme Crackers. They were so tasty!

In addition to pink lemonade and limeade we served Izze "soda", which we love!

I am still in love with how the lanterns turned out! I told James from the beginning that I wanted to decorate with colorful paper lanterns and I was able to find them for a great price on Amazon Prime so they got here super fast! I am thinking I need paper lanterns for every occasion now...

I made these food labels using the placecards and papers that came with the package I downloaded.

This is my sweet momma and one of my sisters. I love my mom so much. She worked so hard to raise 3 girls and was so strong and selfless. I admire her so much and loved celebrating her with this brunch. She deserves so much more, but this was a start.

And of course, my partner in pulling off parties. This brunch would not have happened without his help!

I'm putting together an entry to show you what we did for entertainment at the brunch. :) We DIY'd some outdoor games and fortunately, it was a gorgeous day so we all got to enjoy them! I'll be sharing that soon so keep an eye out! To all the mommas, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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